[Vwdiesel] Dasher diesel wagon questions

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 14:10:01 EDT 2007


Just curious, where did you spray with the Blaster? 
It wasn't until reciently that it occurred to me that
the threads were actually back at the axle flange, and
you could access the back part of the bolt from there.
 Before, I would just spray all aound the heads
(mostly for the cleaning out of the holes).

I also hit them pretty sharply with a hammer, no light
tapping going on.


--- William J Toensing <toensing at wildblue.net> wrote:

> Although I forgot to mention it, I actually did both
> the things David Cook suggested. I used extensions
> to get outside of the wheel well so I had room for a
> breaker bar & I also taped the 8mm 12 star into the
> bolt with a hammer so it would seat better but
> forgot it would also help loosen any rust. I also
> sprayed the bolts with Rust Blaster penetrating oil
> before removal.
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