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> same as the lousy Colorado gasoline - octane 85 yech. How can they sell 
> such lousy gas? 

  Shoot, I ran that stuff in my 11:1 dome piston 350 Chevy in my 
van (big chamber heads though for about 9.75:1 I finally found.)  
ran the timing at about 12 to 14 degrees to start with and after 
a few years have backed it down to about 8 or so.  Haven't driven 
it much for about a year.  Been using Dad's VW pickup with a 
canopy.  Don't usually get by with that in winter but made it 
through this last one at 40 mpg instead of 11 mpg!  :-)
  It really likes 100 LL avgas but a little toluene helps keep it at 
10 degrees also.  :-)

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