[Vwdiesel] Plastic VW parts-what falls apart?

B & R Decker bdecker001 at centurytel.net
Mon May 14 00:41:09 EDT 2007

I have the same problem as Mark with the window sill seals.  On the '85
Jetta, they are so shrunken that when I tested a door liner seal job one
time by running a hose against the window, I got 9" of water standing in the
doors.  Not much can stand up to that.  And, near as I can tell, those
aren't particularly available parts.  It'd be nice if they were a standard
part that could be ordered by the foot.  I wonder if Citroën seals would



Drill holes in the bottom of the doors. Out here in Washington state my
Rabbit pickups get water puddles behind the seats. The cure is one .22 shot
through the rug and floor-pan on each side. Just be sure that you don't
shoot a brake line or fuel line.
Brian Decker

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