[Vwdiesel] Oil dip stick degrade

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> I believe the Pres. lives in the UK or Europe where the government doesn't 
> tell you what cars you can &can't buy like the USA does.

  They just heavily tax the ones they'd prefer you don't have?
I seem to recall the reason so many of what we think of as "early" 
British cars, had small bore, long stroke engines is because they 
were taxed according to bore size.  So the manufacturers made 
longer stroke displacement. 
  Maybe Japan is better where you get a tax nearly equal to the 
value of the car once it's about 5 years old so you sell it, buy a 
new one and support your auto industry.  
  I'd like to see more cars here than we do but I think just about 
everywhere can find similar gripes one way or another.

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