[Vwdiesel] Diesel injector pump questions.

Val Christian val at mongo.mongobird.com
Tue May 15 09:32:46 EDT 2007

OK, I'm glad that you know what I'm talking about.  I wouldn't be worried
about cylinder differential compressions...I was talking about a leak-down
compression test.  

If you have no signs of oil in the intake, then my concern is probably 
not your problem.

In that case...the injector pump is the place to look, which is where 
you were looking.  Sorry about the proposed goose chase.


> Val,
> I know exactly what you are talking about (runaway diesel), have seen it 
> many times. Anther cause is blowby filling the air filter and then the 
> engine sucking its ait from the PCV hose.
> However, I just had the intake off and cleaned it. I have no oil on the air 
> filter. Never did before the top end rebuild either.
> I do have the oil level correct (changed it and the antifreeze with the rest 
> of this), no anti-splash plate, PCV hoked up. Oh, and the smoke out the back 
> is definately not "oil-blue".
> Funny thing is, I've never seen this before, either. But, there is no 
> enidence of oil consumption now (the old head was shot). And, yet, it still 
> does this. I may just start marking then adjusting things on the IP till I 
> get it figured out. That's about the only thing left I can think of. I did 
> order new injectors, but they're not here yet. And, I'd think if they had a 
> problem, it would be more of a lack of fuel, rather than more after you've 
> let off.
> As for the compression, I have a guage, but not the adapter to screw into 
> the engine. It is very good, but you are right in that there might be a 
> difference between them.
> Thanks for the suggestions. I'll recheck the IM just to make sure there 
> isn't evidence of oil in there.
> Tony Hoffman
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> > Do you have oil in your intake manifold?  What is your compression,
> > and if you've done a differential compression check what is that
> > result?  Do you have the blowby hose installed, which goes from the
> > VC to the block to the intake manifold?
> >
> > Is your oil at the right level (not more than 4 qts)?
> >
> > Is there an antisplash plate on top of the camshaft?
> >
> > What you describe could be leading to the runaway diesel sundrome.  This 
> > is
> > where oil pools in the intake manifold, and is sucked in when the 
> > accumulation
> > is high enough or you round a curve, or whatever, and the oil feeds the
> > engine.
> >
> > On the other hand there could be an issue with the IP.  But I've never 
> > seen
> > that type of problem with the IP, and I have seen the runaway problem
> > many times.
> >
> > Val 
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