[Vwdiesel] CRX milage, etc

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I don't see how what you are describing is any different than a diesel 
Jetta/Rabbit. Or, for that matter, a modern day compact that gets nowhere 
that kind of milage.

I jsut found the article. This is a US spec car. in 1985 the CRX 1.5(76hp) 
got 44.55 mpg. The Base (1.3L-60hp) car was rated at 51/67. The later PFI 
CRX SI with 91hp got 32/36 mpg. .

At any rate, all I was saying is that these type of cars have disappeared. 
To get over 50mpg, you have to get a complicated, expensive hybrid.

Tony Hoffman

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> They've rusted to death. Yes, it got phenominal milage. In my limited 
> experience with it, it was an absolute dog at highway speed. Passing a 
> transport truck and once you cleared the nose and entered the wind vortex 
> you used to be drafting in would force a downshift; or you'd a) become 
> street pizza due to oncoming traffic or b) bog the engine fiercely and 
> risk getting run over by what you just passed. The secret was the wildly 
> tall 5th gear. Along with the low cD of the body, skinny (tall) high 
> pressure tires and relatively light GVW, this produced what you were 
> after. On flat two lane doing 55 mph the engine was turning about 1100 rpm 
> (one person, 1/4 tank fuel, no cargo or extraneous weight). So you can see 
> why passing someone required serious pre-planning.
> They were funky cars though.
> Andy
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> Thank you, very well said. Interesting, I was reading an article on the 
> mid
> '80's CRX recently. No hybrid, gasoline engine. Rated for over 50MPG
> highway, IIRC. The HF I do know was rated for 67 highway. Where are those
> cars now?? I know the rating method has changed with higher speed limits 
> and
> whatnot, but still, this is pretty comical. I would have to agree, big oil
> doesn't want it, combined with American's propensity to want big "safe"
> vehicles with plenty of power.
> Tony Hoffman
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