[Vwdiesel] CRX milage, etc

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Tue May 15 14:07:41 EDT 2007

  My nephew had one.  Spent $500 in repairs most of the time he 
owned it (part of high school, college and a couple years after).  
One of the hall effect senders in the distributor failed and he had 
to buy the whole distributor.  
  He made close to 40 putzing around and close to 50 on the highway 
as I recall.  He never complained about the power and he'd had a 
pretty hot, stock, Rabbit gas before.  He just got tired of the cops 
pulling him over all the time being a kid in a car that was half primer.
Never got pulled over in the CRX even though he was driving faster.
It was retired when someone decided to steal the stereo out of it 
so they tore the dash out and the package tray behind the seat.
  Yup, it's stupid they don't put out stuff like that anymore.  That's 
why this group exists!  :-)  Can't be all government regulation since 
that car was already approved and here.  Never hear "stories" about 
Japanese auto makers caving in to big oil either.  hmmmm.

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