[Vwdiesel] CRX milage, etc

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Tue May 15 21:37:03 EDT 2007

dieseltdi at verizon.net wrote:

>As a follow up, my wife teaches 8th grade.  One year she had a boy in  
>the class weighed over 200 lbs and was bearly over 5 feet tall.  Mom  
>and Dad both weighed in above 250.  Their "family car" was a Ford  
>Fiesta!  I always felt sorry for the car with that much weight piled  
>into it.  Never could understand how they actually got into the  
>car!!!  Hayden still not fat butted but still American!!!

At work, we have a guy that drives over an hour in to work and an hour 
back home.  He used to rideshare in with a woman that drove a Geo 
Metro.  Thing is, the guy's 6'8" and weighs 375#.  I'd sit there out at 
the time clock to see him arrive.  It was a one-man clown car.  There'd 
be pieces of him getting out for 5 minutes.  Finally the woman that 
owned the car told him that he couldn't ride anymore.  He was ruining 
the springs.  Then, he went out and bought a TDI.  Suits him fine. 

What I also enjoy is the Phillipino family I know that drives a Hummer.  
The tallest one is 5'4" and it's like a bunch of gradeschoolers on a 


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