[Vwdiesel] lubin' the cable

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Wed May 16 02:00:51 EDT 2007

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geiserfam at sprintpcs.com writes:

> Anyone have suggestions on a better lube to try?

  Any lube tends to attract dirt so it helps, then it hurts.  I'd try 
flushing it out with a low volatility solvent like toluene or lacquer 
thinner, maybe higher temp enamel reducer.  Something that will 
evaporate in a couple days.  If it's still a bit draggy afterwards 
then after it's dry, chase a little 0W synthetic or ATF into it and 
blow as much out as possible then use some solvent to "wash" 
the ends clean and let it run back into the housing to clean 
several inches, let it evaporate and that should keep the dirt 
magnet back a bit for a while.  

 See what's free at 

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