[Vwdiesel] Starter issues comments and a need for vacumn.

raymond greeley rgreeley2 at hotmail.com
Wed May 16 11:53:02 EDT 2007

Hello All, I had an issure with a slow starter. Narrowing it down the offending part i replaced the cables, better grounded also, though finally tested a spare i purchased and Lo, It was the starter. The offender actually  could have been used as a musical instrument as it rattled at the bearing end so much.
Vacumn, I have a 91 jetta Gl that sat for several months
in the winter as i waited for warmer climes to change a
water pump, new timing belt also, Now i don't seem to
have any vacumn. Bentley seems to be hiding the info
on it though the archives suggest a simle rebuild
This is all good though in the back of my mind i am wondering if the "key" securing the intermediate pulley
could have not locked in and therefore the sproket spins on the shaft with the vacumn issue begining there.
which way would yall verify this. pull the upper t bellt cover or remove the vacumn producer looking for rotation.
ray> From: LBaird119 at aol.com> Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 11:12:28 -0400> To: vwdiesel at vwfans.com> Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] Starter issues> > First thing to try is remove and disassemble the starter. Clean > the shaft the bendix/starter drive rides on. Sometimes cleaning > and light lube on that will take care of it. Often it's the bendix > itself and it needs replaced. Usually the price of a bendix or a > solenoid is about 2/3 the cost of a rebuilt starter. :-(> Might make a difference if it's a Permanent Magnet starter or > the older style.> Loren> > > **************************************> See what's free at > http://www.aol.com.> _______________________________________________> Vwdiesel mailing list> Vwdiesel at vwfans.com> http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/vwdiesel
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