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David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 17:47:43 EDT 2007

Well, I've finally decided to try to sell the diesel
cabby.  What follows is a cut and paste of the
(long...) word document I wrote up describing it.


Summer is almost here and it is time for some
affordable summer fun!  You are looking at the one and
only Diesel Cabby on the road!  And with warmer
weather and now that diesel costs less than gasoline,
this is the perfect time to buy!  Get ready for a
topless, inexpensive, fun driving experience!

This baby features the reliable, economical VW 1.6L NA
diesel engine.  She very easily gets 38 MPG in town,
with a personal best of 48 MPGs.  While the engine is
small, she easily does highway speeds.

I will be honest here, while everything is basically
useable and workable, the car is starting to get a
little worn.  However, it still has plenty of life
left in it and can be a reliable driver for several
more years.

I personally converted the car from an iffy 1.8 gas
engine to the economical 1.6 Diesel engine almost
three years.  I have been nothing but happy with the
conversion since and I would do it again in a

This Bunny’s favorite food is veggie oil, so you can
cut your fuel costs in half!

Photos: <http://tinyurl.com/3crkhd>

Upgrades include:
*1.6L Diesel Engine from an ’81 Rabbit
*Individual wires to the glow plugs to allow easy
diagnosis and replacement
*Glow Plug cut off switch
*Starter relay for full power to starter
*Corrado front seats
*Trailer hitch and wiring harness
*Corrado G60 Valve Cover Gasket and stud kit
*Painted valve cover
*Upgraded shifter bushings

New (Within past couple years) parts include:
*New 50K mile warranty Tires (rears have about 4,000
miles on them front new)
*New Radiator
*New Head Gasket
*New Clutch
*New Clutch Cable
*New Alternator
*New Inner Tie Rods, Tie Rods, Outer Tie Rod Ends and
Tie Rod Boots
*New Block Heater
*Newer Battery
*New front pass wheel bearing
*New rebuilt driver side axle
*New Oil Pan Gasket
*Other New Oil Gaskets
*New Glow Plug Relay
*Vacuum Pump Rebuilt
*New Dome Light
*New rear wheel bearings (both sides)
*New brake master cylinder
*New Glow Plugs
*New passenger side strut mount (strut bearing)
*New Glow Plug relay temp sensor
*New inner CV Joint

The just behind front bumper shows evidence of some
sort of fender-bender in its past, there is a bend in
the metal just below the passenger side headlight. 
(See pics)
The only rust is a couple spots of surface rust on
driver’s door and a couple small spots in the very
bottom of the front fenders.

The paint is worn, but the car is a pretty decent

The top is getting worn but is still basically
serviceable.  It keeps most of the water out, LOL! 
The major issue with the top is that in the rear
window frame’s lower corner it rusted and broke,
ripping a corner of the top in the process.  As you
can see in the photos, the top still folds correctly. 

The engine starts and runs great, the transmission
shifts well, the clutch works well, the steering works
well, shocks work, etc.

All the doors work, all the windows work, the seats
work, the lights work (except the reverse lights),
etc.  A/C is present, but doesn’t work due to a leaky
condenser.  CD player is included and works, though
sometimes it has a mind of its own.

Details of the conversion:
The engine came originally from an ’81 diesel rabbit
as best I can tell (I actually pulled it out of an
’84).  I used the Rabbit’s transmission for a little
better gearing.  The dash sports an instrument cluster
from a Jetta Turbo Diesel, which means that it has the
actual glow plug lights, a working tachometer, etc. 
It also has the Jetta cold start handle, installed in
the spot of the filler plate found on a convertible’s
dash.  I retained the Cabriolet’s lift fuel pump in
the fuel tank to help supply the injection pump with a
constant flow of fuel.  I also retained the fuel tank
but changed to a diesel filler neck.

The glow plug relay and its wiring were added and the
original gas engine’s wiring harness was removed when
the gas engine was pulled.

The odometer on the Jetta instrument cluster read 0
miles when I installed it.  Both the engine and the
body had approximately 140,000 miles on them at that
time.  (It was sheer coincidence that they were both
very close in mileage.)

The timing belt was changed approx 10,000 miles ago
and the fuel filter is about 5,000 miles old.

I would not be afraid to drive the car anywhere.  I’ve
driven it hundreds of miles with no issues.  

I am willing to sell my veggie oil filtering system
for an additional $80.
I also have most of the necessary parts for adding a
turbo (I don’t have the actual turbo, but do have the
manifolds and intake plumbing) for an additional $100.

Based on what both the convertibles sell for on ebay
and what the Diesel Rabbits sell for, I’m asking $2300
for the diesel cabby.

Photos: <http://tinyurl.com/3crkhd>

Please feel free to ask me any questions at

David Cook

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