[Vwdiesel] Body "filler"

Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
Fri May 18 12:40:49 EDT 2007

I'll tell you what boys, that foam stuff is great for many applications
in life! I used it to fill the void under the back window of a pickup
that had gotten water in it. No more air and water- no more rust. I also
used it to fill the void over a front fender after the PO had drilled a
hole to mount something stupid- a horn or something. Rain water had
found its way in for future problems. A can of high-swell foam and no
more water or air in that fender void. Good stuff around the house and
farm too! I don't know about using it as a finish material for autobody
work but it is a great insulator, sound-deadener, vapor barrier,
moisture guard. Just be sure you have a place for the excess to escape
of it might pop something as it expands!


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>  Would you believe there are "body shops" that use that stuff just 
>like you did and call it a legitamate repair?  Rusted out fender?  Fill

>it, mud it, sand it, paint it.  Yech!  Fine for a daily driver or work 
>car but not a keeper.

After all the steel rusts away, I'll have a plastic art form in the
shape of an A2!


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