[Vwdiesel] Caliper with twisted off bleeder

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You can get "most" of the air out bleeding it at the attachment of the brake
hose - have your trusty assistant pump up the brakes, then let the air out
by loosening the hose slightly.  Repeat until no air, only brake fluid,
comes out around the hose fitting.
But if it's a vehicle you plan on driving a while, well worth it to replace
the caliper and bleed it properly.  You could also pull it off, try drilling
it out increasing drill bit size a little at a time until you see threads
you can clean with a thread cutter, but for all that muckin' around, I think
it's easier to buy a rebuilt one.


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Hi all,

     The 82 Caddy I bought a couple of years ago
developed a leak in one of the brake lines leading
from below master cylinder running back ot a
connection further back.   I am in the process of
removing the old line. I jacked the truck up, put it
on jack stands and took the tires off. The passenger
side caliper has the bleeder twisted off. Is there a
way to bleed the brakes to the calper, like get the
air out of the line up to the caliper and then hook
that line up.  Is there a way to get the twisted off
bleeder out or am I just stuck buying a new caliper.



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