[Vwdiesel] random VW anecdote

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Sun May 20 00:29:11 EDT 2007

Stephen Kraus wrote:

> Trust me, their 'ricing' actually does more damage to the engine and 
> really does not pose for a significant gain. Don't worry, they were 
> not worth hanging out with

That was the point of driving through ;)  I just enjoy settings up 
situations of irony and an odd sort of existentialist humor.  Trust me, 
I'd much rather go to Finland and check out Rod's van project or help 
Sandy with his inflatable Jetta.  Enough cans of foam and that thing 
just might go amphibious. 

I'm much more impressed with the smarter and better looking crowd that 
makes something out of very little than the types that take something 
and make it...tacky. 


Next, me and the pet possum are road trippin to the Westminster dog show. 

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