[Vwdiesel] [Vwdiesel more brake issues: finding brake lines that work

raymond greeley rgreeley2 at hotmail.com
Sun May 20 00:58:43 EDT 2007

Quick update, 91 jetta that sat while i waited for warm weather inchicago so i could replace a water,  timing belt and miscminor issues.Now, one of the rear brake lines rusted through as it passed under the drivers seat.
I find what looks like the correct type of line (convex) ends. under
euro brake parts at autozone.
One end goes into the block in the rear, to make it all the way to
the master cyl would take two pieces of line that i i would need to
cut off factory ends and join with compression fittings
Is there a place that sells pre bent lines and would using a torch
on the master cyl fitting damage the master cyl inner seals. Also when i use a tubing cutter on copper (larger dia) i also use a reamer
Is reaming brake line essential  when using a tubing cutter. I am thinking yes.
thanks in advance. sorry david, it is getting rusty though i haven't
even begun to use foam filler.
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