[Vwdiesel] Body "filler"

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun May 20 01:51:02 EDT 2007

Well, if you go to a body shop to get a fleetside or a door skin 
installed in a modern body shop, the old door skin will be removed (spot 
welds drilled) and the new one is glued on.  It is better than weld.
The stuff comes in a dual tube caulking gun insert with a single mixer 
nozzle to apply the 2 part glue.  it's sticky.

The expanding foam deal is pretty common around here in the shady shops. 
  Not the best, but sure beats paper mache. (seen it with my own 2 eyes)

82 Diesel Westy wrote:
> I have seen that as well, the glue on metal patch,
> which seems like it would work well in some
> applications.  I know the metal hvac tape does a hell
> of a job for some things I have done over the years.
> Has anyone used the new glue-on metal patch kits?
> Bryan
> --- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
>> So, depending on where the body guys used it, it may
>> well be a factory-approved repair.
>>   I loaned a friend my 914 for a couple weeks while
>> his car was 
>> down.  In exchange, he was going to have the body
>> department 
>> of the auto auction (where he worked) do a small
>> rust repair and 
>> a dent where some big pickup tore the 916 front end
>> off also.  
>>   I got the car back, in primer, which was fine and
>> it looked good.
>> When I looked inside the wheel well, there was a big
>> glob of foam.
>> I specifically said and he asked it NOT be done that
>> way but ONLY 
>> with metal replacement.  Sigh...  My body man friend
>> was the first 
>> to tell me about it.  The other thing he wants to
>> try out on my 
>> work van is a glue they now use instead of welding a
>> patch on 
>> a car.
>>      Loren
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