[Vwdiesel] Eco Diesel conversion to non eco?

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	With a real & tuned pump and an exhaust system bigger around than a
pencil, I'd expect better fuel economy, too. In town, it was about the only
one of my VWD's that accelerated as well as the rest of the traffic from
stop lights. Since it lacked a tach, I could only guess that the rpms were
considerably higher at hiway speeds; 80 was no problem, aside from increased
vibration and noise.
	Of course, my own standard for comparison was my late Quantum. :)
	I got lucky and found a fan connector belt in a yard, but having the
driven fan bearing lock up is very disconcerting. We tried adapting a
Quantum dual fan setup, but couldn't make it fit. Don't know whether any
gassers have the driven fan setup. 
	To get to the dicey interlock wires, you have to remove the plastic
cover that's at the top hanger by the door pillar post, iirc. They're a very
small gauge. 
	The flickering brake light might be low fluid at the m/c or the
parking brake handle not quite hitting the switch plunger directly.
	Take care,

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Let's see, my ECO is now a TD in a sense. I put the LDA on the pump and had
Giles at Superior Injection work his magic on it. I had the little K14 turbo
rebuilt and now I can hear it whistle. It didn't do that before I sent it
off. I get around 15psi boost now and limited it to that. Not efficient past
that from what I am told. I do get a fast spool up right from idle which I
can feel in the seat of the pants. As for highway running, I think I get it
motivated well. I can pass and cruise at 70 to 80mph with no issues.

As for economy with the less than stellar tranny from what I hear I have
gotten a best of 52mpg and an average back and forth to work of 47 mpg. I
don't think that is too bad.

I did open up the exhaust and put a 2.5 inch down pipe on it and 2.5 inch
system all the way back and took the cat off. Illegal, probably but it makes
it run so much better and around here it isn't checked for emissions anyway.

Thanks for the tip on the seat belt. Now to get to the wires and put them
together. My seat belt light flickers every now and then as does my brake
light now.

As for the cooling fans, now that is something to start worrying about. Not
fun and from my understanding they are hard to find. Any ideas as to will
other year set ups work that I can get to have on hand when mine go out?

One thing though that I don't understand is why I have a 140mph speedometer
and all the others I have seen are 120mph. It is the original instrument
cluster from what I can tell. I don't have the shift dots either. If I could
find another ECO I would grab it in a heart beat.



	The smaller turbo was included not to increase power, but in order
to inject enough oxygen to reduce emissions. The aneroid was deleted because
it adds fuel at higher rpm, and that would have shortened the life of the
catalytic converter. That was their story and they stuck to it.
	The smaller turbo spools up at lower rpm than conventional turbos,
but also flattens out sooner. It accelerates from stoplights better, but
power falls off sooner on hiways. 
	The transmission seems to be a unique code, too. The engine spins
perceptibly higher at hiway speeds, which decreases fuel economy noticeably.

	In order to duplicate the performance of, say, a 1989 A2 TD, you'd
have to replace the pump with one that has an aneroid, retrofit a
conventional exhaust system- which might not be legal- and give serious
thought to replacing the tranny with one that has longer legs.
	The cooling fans are linked by a belt that's about the size of a
shoestring and cracks from age and heat. The driven fan bearing will freeze
and take out the belt as well as the primary fan and motor. Removing the
belt and letting it run on the primary fan will work until hot weather, when
it's unable to cool the engine sufficiently, especially with the a/c on.
	The wires on the seat belt interlock will eventually crack, find
their own ground, and disable the starting system. Splice them together
before this happens.
	Scott Kair  


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