[Vwdiesel] Drone/boom in the back

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Mon May 21 06:12:30 EDT 2007

No pumping neccessary.
I wonder if the regulator is at fault and applying too much power to the 
rear? I must find some gravel to test this I think its 2 to 1 power ratio. I 
assume the test gauges need to screw into the bleed nipples. I wonder if 
oxygen welding gauges would do?  I will take a drum off another car, 
although it may be the stub undersized.


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>Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 19:17:35 EDT
>   Worn drums and pads will cause you to need to pump the pedal
>once or twice to get brakes.  There really isn't an "operating range"
>on the wheel cylinders unless you get out so far they blow the
>seals clear out.  Odd to have a new one leak, you probably flushed
>the fluid when you changed it.  Your rear braking will be severly
>diminished with flui on the shoes.  Would be a good idea to put in
>new cylinders, shoes and fluid and see what that does for you.
>Sounds like new bearings and seal would be good at least on the
>one side!  Wobble even with the nut tight soulnds like a bad
>bearing and that could be your noise.  Jacking up and spinning
>the wheel MIGHT give you a clue.  Not like you can spin it very
>fast though.
>   The other things that can make a rear noise would be exhaust
>related.  You can tell that simply by making the noise, letting off
>the pedal and pushing in the clutch.  If the noise persists then it's
>not exhaust.  If it goes away then consider a bad muffler, another
>hole, bad hanger or something bent and rubbing.  Not likely it's
>a frequency droning since it didn't do it before.  Dad's Passat has
>a droning at about 75mph that lasts for about a 3mph range.  That
>one's exhaust "tuning".
>      Loren
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