[Vwdiesel] Seat Belts

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Mon May 21 18:33:17 EDT 2007

Well I went out and checked on my seat belts at the driver's side. I
couldn't get the covering off the release where the belt clicks in. So I
just did want most wouldn't and cut the wires at the bottom of the clip and
permanently connected them together.  Not the prettiest thing in the world
but now my seat belt light should not flicker on and off, the wires were
just barely hanging on at that point as well when I pulled the rubber cover
off. I still need to do the passenger side.


Oh and on my flickering brake light, the wire was completely off the switch.
Put it back on and all is well.


My sun roof air deflector broke, the rods that hold it in place on each side
were completely rusted, the little pin on the arms. So I called the dealer
and they are still available, the rod assembly that is for a whopping $40
each. I just took mine off, ground down the rusted part, drilled a hole to
get a 10 penny nail through and will take it to the metals tech shop on base
to a buddy of mine to have them tig well the nail in place then I will cut
off just the amount I need to put in the deflector and I should be back in
business.  I really need a welder. :-(



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