[Vwdiesel] Sandy's health

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Mon May 21 20:26:46 EDT 2007

For those who asked.
Thanks for caring.

After the last ER doc [named Lister?] called it Lacunar  strokes (check your
F&W or Wiki) and I got off the high class anticoagulants  (Lacunars are
bleeds) things started to stabilize, and now on BP control, and things seem
to have completely settled down.
 That Aggrenox could have done,   almost did, serious harm.

My BP had been spiking, if I had had distilates in my arteries, it might
have self-ignited.(obligatory diesel content)

So, I can type again, write a 1/4 second slower than before (Bank still
accepts my cheques)
and no other residual effects..

Hopefully, thats it .

It's 22 years since the cancer thing (surgery, radiation,) disappeared, so
what next?
Probably ticker, but it looks pretty good for a while yet. My dad made 92.

I,m not complaining, I'm strong and healthy otherwise, and able to swing
wrenches, (wenches?), and still riding my Venture Royale.

We have to manage our medical people, they are falible, and we must always
be as well informed as possible and ready to speak up.

Life is good..eat it up


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