[Vwdiesel] None Diesel, old Audi 100 sighting, I have never seen before

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To All:

I owned one of these and drove it for several years.  The brakes were inboard and in addition to loving new brake pads, if the "splash or water guards" were left off, as they were on mine at one point, you did not want to go through any rain shower or standing water of any depth.  The brakes instantly quit working.  The hand brake still worked.  It took the Audi regional maintenance rep two trips from Chicago, I think to Columbia, MO to get the issue resolved.  When installed,they did not look like they would do much, but they sure stopped the non-braking issue.  BTW, other than the brake issue, and the inability to get carb parts, it was a phenomenal vehicle.  


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>   One cool feature was the inboard disk brakes.  Stayed dry,
 spring weight instead of unsprung... They were famous for eating brake pads. At some point Audi moved the  
rakes outboard like everyone else's.
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