[Vwdiesel] TDI progress or lack thereof

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Wed May 23 00:36:32 EDT 2007

So, I finally gave up trying to figure out the non-start problem on the 
TDI and hauled it off to an independent VW shop an hour away.  They had 
it for a week and a half when I called them today.  They'd given up.  
The good news is that I don't owe them anything.  The bad news is that 
the TDI is still dead and I have no plan.  I think I may have to haul it 
off to the...dealer.

The shop though it might have something to do with the immobilizer 
though I hadn't gotten the immobilizer code in months.  Anyone replaced 
the coil in the dash that the key interacts with? 

Either way, I gotta do something quick.  The A/C in the '85 Jetta is 
dead, it's closing in on June, and this is Texas. I'll either have to 
fix the Jetta, fix the A/C in the '85 or move in with someone up north. 


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