[Vwdiesel] TDI timing tools - how to...

Arnie Grubbs vhuntertdi at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 17:40:38 EDT 2007


Heres a very good .PDF file on how to do the A4 Timing belt.
The file is long, so unless you got a broad band I-net connection
expect to take some time to get it.


It is well worth it.  It shows ALL the tools needed and goes
into a lot of detail on how to use them.  The file is 128 pages and
5.7 meg long..  If you want, I'll put it on a CD and send it to you if
you send me your USPS mail address. 

It tells about the torque to yeald bolts in the motor mounts and what number to use
to replace them. It also goes into all the cam shaft seals needed
to be replaced, ect. Also the idler rollers, and the part number
for the water pump.  If the car is getting up in age, (your doing a t-belt right?)
you should probably look at changing the water pump too, as its driven by that belt.
Setting the injection timing is done using software. VAG-COM.  Or some other
VAG specific software..  No other good way to do it..

IF you are interested - I have most of the metal nerd toolset that is
shown in the .pdf file.  If you want, I'll ship it to you for the
cost of shipping it, and you can return it when finished.


 Arnie - KA0NCR - EN11SK

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