[Vwdiesel] Dasher diesel insturment cluster problems

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> 1) Looks like the voltage stabilizer is a weak point. Are they expensive to 
> replace &hard to find?  If not, looks like it would be a good idea to stock 
> up on a couple. Also, are new printed circuit boards expensive or cheap &easy 
> to find. This would save the instrument cluster I took out of the 1980 
> Dasher. Is it worthwhile to fix it &put it on the shelf, or should I try to just 
> try &source extra one from a junk yard?

  It's not really a weak point but they do fail from time to time.  I've 
3 or 4 in my time (including the dealership.)  They're about $10 give or take 

from what I recall.
  The PC boards weren't cheap when they were available.  (I belive many 
from that era are no longer available.)  As they get old they get a little 
brittle.  Not so much to the point of falling apart but definitely to warrant 

care and warmth when removing one.

> 2)Some VW diesels have a tachometer instead of a clock. What VW models &
> years are interchangeable with my '81 Dasher instrument cluster?

  Seems like the Dasher has a different cluster than other same 
year cars other than maybe a Quantum or Audi 4K.  Been a while 
since I really looked.  The mounting is similar but different.  The 
instruments may interchange if the gauges layout interchanges.

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