[Vwdiesel] TDI timing tools - how to...

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu May 24 03:47:40 EDT 2007

> Setting the injection timing is done using software. VAG-COM.  Or some other
> VAG specific software..  No other good way to do it..

Funny you should mention that.
Your statement is not as true as you think.

The local Bosch diesel shop still uses a dial indicator on all tdi's 
except for PD engines.  I'm just following along with the guys that know 
waaaaay more about diesel injection than I'll ever know.
The pump is mechanical.  All the good pumpy bits are direct linked 
mechanically to the motor. There is no electronic method of varying pump 
timing with the pump internals, that's why you need to get the timing in 
the right area of the graph, or ... use a dial indicator.  I've checked 
a couple of their jobs with Vag-com, and they are spot on where you want 
to be, so they aren't just talking out their boots. There is a lot of 
... stuff... that goes along with the essentially direct injection pump 
that is electronic, but nothing that directly changes the initial 
mechanical timing.  I was rather surprised.

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