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David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 09:51:45 EDT 2007

So, do you know 1) if I can use the same dial
indicator as I use with the old diesel engines?  2) 
What the dial indicator would need to read?  3)  Is
the general procedure of turning the engine back and
forth the same?



--- James Hansen <jhsg at sasktel.net> wrote:

> > Setting the injection timing is done using
> software. VAG-COM.  Or some other
> > VAG specific software..  No other good way to do
> it..
> > 
> Funny you should mention that.
> Your statement is not as true as you think.
> The local Bosch diesel shop still uses a dial
> indicator on all tdi's 
> except for PD engines.  I'm just following along
> with the guys that know 
> waaaaay more about diesel injection than I'll ever
> know.
> The pump is mechanical.  All the good pumpy bits are
> direct linked 
> mechanically to the motor. There is no electronic
> method of varying pump 
> timing with the pump internals, that's why you need
> to get the timing in 
> the right area of the graph, or ... use a dial
> indicator.  I've checked 
> a couple of their jobs with Vag-com, and they are
> spot on where you want 
> to be, so they aren't just talking out their boots.
> There is a lot of 
> ... stuff... that goes along with the essentially
> direct injection pump 
> that is electronic, but nothing that directly
> changes the initial 
> mechanical timing.  I was rather surprised.
> -james
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