[Vwdiesel] quick question back on front wheel bearings, uggg

82 Diesel Westy dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 10:28:27 EDT 2007

Just a quick question, this is on the 90 Audi 200 FWD
I had the axle swapped about 25K ago, now it sounds
like fr. rt. wheel bearing is going, but 180k on the
car, so not unheard of.
I have replace rear wheel bearing recently as one
failed and I did the other, cheap.

So, I have been hearing a grown that sounds like new
tire with low air pressure sound, but not the case.

Last night I notice when a get off highway on an
off-ramp at speed the sound goes away when I vier the
car to the right for the ramp.

I ruled out automatic trans as I put car in nutral at
speed and not change to grown.

When car rolls slow down my street and all is quite I
do not hear anything ugly.
Does this sound like wheel bearing.  I fear yes.

Thanks, Bryan

Bryan Belman, Pt Pleasant, NJ
04 Jetta Wagon TDI PD, 100hp, 5sp   -- running :)
82 Diesel Westy 1.9NA               -- running :)
92 Jetta Eco-Turbo Diesel           -- not running yet <:>
90 Audi 200, 2.2L Turbo FWD         -- runs some times, need to sell :(
70 Type 1 stock Beetle              -- Not running well :(

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