[Vwdiesel] quick question back on front wheel bearings, uggg

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sat May 26 01:06:48 EDT 2007

It could be wheel bearings, but look at the cv joint on that side first. 
  It could just be dry, in need of repacking.  It's not unheard of for a 
dry cv joint to hake one hell of a racket as it just slightly binds due 
to lack of lubrication.  These days, I've seen so little grease used on 
some joints you would swear they had to steal the grease first.  If 
there is enough in there, turn the wheel fully to lock to one side then 
the other while driving slowly in reverse.  If there is any grease 
there, it will usually get some on the joint, enough to make a 
difference in the noise if that is it.  If the noise deal is unchanged, 
then you are pretty much into the bearings... if it isn't a tire that is.

82 Diesel Westy wrote:
> Just a quick question, this is on the 90 Audi 200 FWD
> I had the axle swapped about 25K ago, now it sounds
> like fr. rt. wheel bearing is going, but 180k on the
> car, so not unheard of.
> I have replace rear wheel bearing recently as one
> failed and I did the other, cheap.
> So, I have been hearing a grown that sounds like new
> tire with low air pressure sound, but not the case.
> Last night I notice when a get off highway on an
> off-ramp at speed the sound goes away when I vier the
> car to the right for the ramp.
> I ruled out automatic trans as I put car in nutral at
> speed and not change to grown.
> When car rolls slow down my street and all is quite I
> do not hear anything ugly.
> **
> Does this sound like wheel bearing.  I fear yes.
> Thanks, Bryan
> Bryan Belman, Pt Pleasant, NJ
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