[Vwdiesel] TD Saint car?

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Hi Mark;  
	I would guess the only Volvo gearbox that would likely fit VW/ Audi
is the turbo diesel 6 cyl in the 260 series. That diesel six was a VW / Audi
engine. If that is the case only the 5 cyl VW/Audi engines would fit the box
and then I would guess they would be too long for the P 1800 engine bay. The
restored to stock P 1800 Volvo would be worth so much I would think it would
be foolish to butcher it. If you want something that looks neat and mean
with a 1.6 diesel why not a 1.6 turbo diesel in a MK 1 Scirocco? If you used
a turbo and intercooler you would have more HP and torque that the stock
1700 gasser.
Brian Decker
Western Washington

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Would a 1.6TD bolt on to this gearbox? I know that Volvo does have some 
cooperation with VW... Another dream car for me...



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