[Vwdiesel] Dieselfest?

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Hi Loren;
	I would love to go but I have a hard time scheduling weekends.
Probably the 4th of July or the first or second would work for me. Usually I
start my summer driving job the day after the Fourth of July weekend. I
spend the summer and early fall driving a Peterbuilt tractor hauling a set
of doubles to eastern Washington every day for a load of corn or carrots for
the freezing plant here in Chehalis. The trip east is really nice. Up and
over White Pass twice every day. 475 or 500 hp Cat engines, air ride
suspensions, air seat, cruise control and tunes. The rest of the year I'm
retired but I show and judge poultry so I'm gone usually about every other
weekend to California or Idaho or Utah or Arizona or points east. This
weekend I have to judge a show in Twin Falls Idaho and two weeks later I
judge in Canada just across from Sumas. 
	The 1981 Dasher diesel station wagon is going to be nice this
weekend. I expect to get 50+ mpg so the 1200 mile round trip should take 24
gallons or less of fuel.
Brian Decker
Western Washington 

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  Ok, Brian's address made the thought hit me once more. 
  Would there be an interest in a get together this summer 
sometime?  I figure mostly for the WA staters and others 
nearby willing to drive.  I think a good place that I could 
set it up would be at Pacific Beach.  We're a lot shorter on 
parking due to the two lots next door being developed but 
there's still lots of on-street parking, a couple motels in town
and more a couple miles either way.  Beach access and Dad's 
place isn't fancy but plenty of flop and tent room (for a town 
  There's been no reply to interest in the past years I've 
brought it up so I thought I'd try one more time.  If it's a 
hit we can do a Fall one here at the orchard, make some 
cider and so on.

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