[Vwdiesel] TDI non-start update

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Tue May 29 00:39:10 EDT 2007

So, since I've given up on fixing TDI and the shop I took it to has also 
given up, I resolved to tow it to a dealer.  Since, however, the shop 
and my dad had gotten it to start long enough to hit the immobilizer, I 
took a chance and hooked up the VAG-COM and checked.  Finally it had a 
code:  start blocked by immobilizer, intermittent.  I cleared that code 
and it fired up like it never quit.  Problem is, I had a plan if the car 
had not started.  Not quite sure what to do since it did.  I quickly 
drove it to Dad's place and told him to start it every couple of days.  
If it starts until next weekend, I guess I'll drive it down here (an 
hour away)? 

You always feel better when you get a good clear fault, replace a part, 
and the car works.  If it starts and you don't know why, you feel a 
little uneasy.  Particularly because this is my road trip car. 

One thing that would be useful in this process would be access to the 
SKC code that I didn't get with the car since it was used.  The dealer 
also apparently can't get it since they are on some kind of new Gecko 
program that won't let them see the code but will allow them to buy 
cheap insurance.  I did some poking around and found that there are some 
programs that will allow me to find the secret code.  Some ~500 Euro 
programs.  I don't even have any Euros.  Anyone had any luck finding a 
locksmith that has something applicable and can cut keys and adapt them 
and maybe give me the secret code?  I'm thinking if they exist, I may 
have to hit the phone books. 


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