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David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 11:21:16 EDT 2007

Rod, did the VWs actually float across the rivers, or
were they simply the first to be able to drive across

I've always been fascinated with the floating VW
stories, but haven't ever talked to anyone who's
experienced it.


--- Finn Rod <dubdeesel at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi all... finally got a used piston for the SB...
> But.. should there be any visible wear in the
> "pin-hole"(?) He didn't include the pin... 
> There seems to be even wear on both sides of the
> inside ends of the hole... At about 10 and 2
> o'clock... It's an even fan shape and stops 3 or 4mm
> short of the clip groove... 
> Is it knacked do you think?
> Some recent posts about floating VW's reminded me of
> being a kid in Namibia... When the river beds
> flooded
> once a year VW's were always the first one's
> through... sometimes hours before any other make of
> car... It was a major source of entertainment for us
> kids... (no TV service at the time...) and a chance
> to
> earn a couple of rand for smokes and soda, pushing
> people out...
> an' for anyone who can make it here... (thanks for
> the
> thought...) we have a fully tooled and equipped
> village/community workshop with two ramp/lifts,
> welders, press etc. for use of members of our "youth
> association"... (there are only 2 youths in the
> village... the rest of us just feel young...) you
> are
> welcome any time... (good fishing too...
> trout/salmon
> river runs along our back yard...)
> rod of finland
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