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	In the late 50's I was in my late teens and working in a gas station
in Napa CA. It had rained like a monsoon but the rain was stopped when I
went to work that noon. When I parked my car at the station I saw water
dripping out of the VW bug parked next to me. I couldn't believe my eyes
since  I knew they were air-cooled. I went into the station ad asked what
was up with the VW and my boss said they had towed the bug in that morning
after the driver had driven into a cut on the highway which was awash with
flood-water. The man said his car was floating off the road and he opened
the door to sink it so it wouldn't float away.
	I the mid 60's I had 58 Porsche. I was driving in the Sierra
foothills after a winter snow and started down a long grade that just had
two tire tracks in the snow. The Porsche tobogganed down the hill on the
belly pan. Luckily the tires kept it in the tracks like a train because I
couldn't stop 

Brian Decker

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Rod, did the VWs actually float across the rivers, or
were they simply the first to be able to drive across

I've always been fascinated with the floating VW
stories, but haven't ever talked to anyone who's
experienced it.


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