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Thu May 31 05:11:37 EDT 2007

I know that we learn in the Air Force to get the proper torque wrench with
enough range because anything in the lower and upper 10% of the wrenches
range are not calibrateable within limits. So if you max out the wrench the
calibration isn't suppose to be accurate. Of course this is for working on
jet engines, I don't think it is all that important for a vehicle since it
is on the ground and not in the air and you just can't pull over if
something happens. I would think you would want what the Bentley states.
What are you tightening?  

I finally got my 1981 Dasher diesel wagon back on 4 wheels & ready for a
test drive, once I get proof of insurance so I can renew the license plate
1) Is a torque of 150 foot pounds  OK? One book says 149 pounds (VW manual
up to 1979) but the Bentley says 180 foot pounds. However, my torque wrench
only goes up to 150 foot pounds. I advanced my torque wrench to the maximum
which might have taken it to 160 but can't really tell.
2) How many cans of R-12 does my A/C need? I put in 2 cans but no evidence
of any cooling but my A/C leak sensor did not tell me of any leaks. I have a
few more cans but don't want to waste any. I evacuated the system before
installing the two cans. I have installed a new A/C compressor as the prior
one was frozen.
3)I replaced the nut on the left front wheel but did not on the right side
since I had previously loosened, but did not remove it. Should that one be
replaced too?
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