[Vwdiesel] Diesel vs hybrid battle heats up

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Tue Dec 2 09:15:07 PST 2008

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> Although I prefer diesels (wouldn't be contributing to this discussion 
> group if I wasn't) I think owning a Prius would be cheaper to own in the long run 
> although a TDI would be more fun to drive.

  You have to consider maintenance costs.  The big (used to be 
unknown anyway) factor was the replacement battery price.  Last 
I heard was a speculative price something around half to nearly 
the full original cost of the car!  On a TDI you'd be looking at two 
timing belts and ideally, a set of injectors during about that same 
mileage period.
  If things break, most parts are probaby cheaper on a TDI since 
so many parts are used on different models.  A good share of the 
Prius is Prius only.
  Even at 20% higher fuel costs, the TDI will only cost a couple 
hundred $ more/10K miles to drive than the Prius.  If nothing 
breaks, the Prius might be a little cheaper over several years.  
With antipicipated issues, the TDI should win out.  Major problems 
could put either one in the lead.  At least if such things as rationing 
appear on the horizon, you can put all kinds of different fuels to use 
in a diesel.  :-)

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