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    I don't think you will cure your run problem by fixing the cold start
valve leak. If you take the pump off then replacing the two o-rings that
will stop the leak on the cold start shaft. It is a piece of cake. As I
stated earlier I got my cold start shaft and collar out while the pump was
on the Dasher but it is a tight squeeze getting any tools and your hand down
there. Rarely are the internal parts of the pump the problem when it comes
to starting or running problems. It might have it's idle adjustment wrong or
it's full throttle adjustment wrong or it's fueling screw  adjusted wrong.
It may be that it is timed to the engine wrong but I seriously doubt that
your problems are caused by anything wrong with the pump internally. If I
expect it is gooey internally I run a can of Lubra-Moly Diesel Purge through
it to clean it out. If you take it off and send it out to be rebuilt most
likely all that is going to happen is that you spend a few hundred bucks and
it comes back spotlessly clean with new seals. Not totally a bad idea but if
all that is leaking is the o-ring on the cold start shaft that is a lot to
pay for something you can fix yourself.
Brian Decker
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> Thanks for your advice everyone.
> I had the chance to look at the tank, and it looks as though the whole
> around the fuel line junction was badly corroded, and came away when he
> tried to remove the fuel line (although I don't know how much force he
> used!!!).
> I have paid the guy, but will never take another car to him again, as he
> not fixed the problem and now he knows it's the pump, has passed the buck
> back to me.
> I've decided to take your advice and stick with the motor in the van at
> moment, as it was running fine up until the recent cold spell and was
> returning a healthy 30-35 MPG, even when the van was full of camping
equipment. It also has
> receipts for new pistons, bearings, head and a re-bore about 50,000 miles
> ago that the last owner carried out, so in theory, it should be fine?
> I'm going to take my pump down to a local expert to assess. If it turns
> that he quotes mega-money then i'll try and fix it myself if I can. I
> have a friend with a spare pump from a 1.6 N/A Golf /Rabbit. Would any
> be interchangeable with my pump? I.E. the cold start mechanism. I have
> to start the van before without the cold start in winter, and found it
> like a pig (It's cold up here int' north) so i'd like to keep it. If the
pump needs a complete rebuild, then it'll have to wait - the kids need a
> The turbo oil return pipes are rusty yes and the manifold gasket will have
> to be replaced, but dropping in another motor could introduce other
> problems, (like you say), and besides when this one goes bang, i'd like to
> have a 5ltr V10 TDI sat there ready and waiting!
> Joking aside though, it's a shame this has happened, as otherwise that van
> is a beauty and has never before let me down, despite it's age.
> I'll keep you posted on the pump.
> Iain.
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