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Tue Dec 2 19:56:13 PST 2008

I agree it cost $$$$ to have Giles work your IP.  If you can afford it, it
is defiantly money well spent. With the 2.5inch down pipe off the K14 turbo
and 2.5" pipe all the way back, Giles pump, my 91 1.6 "use to be ECO" jetta
has some pep and can get 50mpg if I drive it sensibly.  I got a set of GTD
nozzles and installed them in an old set of injectors and set the break
pressure to 155 bar. The only difference I noticed once I installed them in
the jetta is a slightly louder diesel "knock" when start up and the engine
is still cold. Once warmed up it is quiet.

I can say that I have saved a ton of $$$ driving the jetta over the past 3
yrs or so. Now to get off my lazy butt and fix the back drivers side door
water leak when it rains. Floor board fills up with water after a heavy
rain. Just been to lazy to pull the door panel and seal it up. It would also
be nice to replace the window seals, which I think would really help.

  While getting the pump rebuilt on the pickup, I ran across something 
interesting.  I had a TD pump on the shelf that I decided to try since
I had to send mine BACK over to get the throttle shaft set back 
correctly (it idled at about 4K).
  I couldn't get the shelf pump to prime up so we decided to drag it 
until it started.  After a half mile maybe, I had heat coming out of 
the heater!  Wow, I hardly get warm air that quickly with the 
pickup running!  I thought it interesting.

  When I got the pump back and on, I hardly have as much power 
as my NA rabbit!  :-(  I told them to set it up for power too!  I 
don't think it went over 600F EGT either!  I turned up the fueling 
a little and it helped but it's really anemic while cold.  :-P  On 
the plus side it smells like it's burning much cleaner than before 
the rebuild/re-seal and it does sound really good too.  Just going 
to have to re-tune it for more power.  
  (Because I couldn't afford to spend the $500 more to have Giles 
rebuild it is why)  ;-)

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