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Wed Dec 3 00:34:31 PST 2008

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jhsg at sasktel.net writes:

> Lubro moly is good stuff, but rebuilding it also comes back with no air 
> leaks, which is exactly what is happening at present.  If one seal is 
> fuggered, guarantee it has friends waiting in line soon to follow. A 
> rebuild/ reseal at this point eliminates a lot of variables.

  If seal/air leaks are the suspect do like I did in a pinch.  With the 
fuel low (or an outside can, etc) dump a high concentration of Type 
F ATF in the fuel and run it through the pump, let it sit a bit and 
see what happens.  It tends to swell the seals sealing stuff up 
temporarily.  It got me to work and back one day before the 
throttle shaft started leaking next.

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