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I've had my '01 Golf for almost 8 years, and have had the Rabbit forever.  The Golf is better than the Rabbit in every way (except for the ease of working on :-) ).  People who say the mk1's are better are deluded.  It just is better.  It's faster, handles better, gets the same mileage, doesn't smoke, starts every time, is comfortable, and it's quiet.  That said, driving the Rabbit is a hoot, as it feels like a little go cart.  I could never drive it daily again after having heated seats and the more comfortable driving position, however.

I've enjoyed the TDI so much, as soon as the mk6 Rabbit TDI hits, I'm going to be trading up.  My TDI has 176K miles on it, and even though it's still in excellent shape, my goal was to replace it around 200K.  It's funny, my Rabbit wasn't even close to as reliable at 176K miles as my Golf is.

I'm not hating on the old cars, I completely understand why people love them.  I really enjoy my Rabbit when I drive it.  I wish I had been as into it when I was younger, as I would have been able to keep it going easier.  It's sitting at 316k miles now, and I don't see any sign of it croaking any time soon.


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>I aggree with the not being a consumer as I have an 81 rabbit truck, an 81 rabbit car and for the long distance driving a 04 Golf (new, but hardly at todays standards). But some people need to have newer cars. My father used to get a company car, then they dropped that but gave him a certain amount a month to maintain his own car/truck. But he has to have a vehicle that is less then 5 years old. He started with an 02 chevy Impala and then in 07 got the 2006 special Jetta TDI (because they couldn't advertise the car as 2007 due to the EPA emmitions) so he started with a year old car in the companies eyes so he got the 2009 sportwagon TDI now so he is good for about 5 years. 
>My brother and I convinced him since he drive 60,000 miles a year that the TDI would be best and he loves it for what he does because he pickes up a lot of tractor parts for out JD tractor collection and he had way more power then a prius would ever have not to mention the storage space in the car. My father would blow past the 150K warrenty just half way through his 5 years and then what when all the electronics fry on him. Not to mention the new TDI has a timing chain and not a belt so there goes those $1000 timing belt changes. 
>If you just drove in town more and not as much as my father I am sure the Prius would be great. The Yaris would be fine for most on a more of a budget as well. It takes many types to make the world go around and no one thing is the absolute answer and there needs to be people to buy the new cars or we wouldn't have used cars then. Also I do like driving the Golf on long trips and having my wife drive it when she baby sits becuase it is a lot safer. Again everything has good and bad, the golf is harder to work on and costs more. Not to mention the rabbits I can do all myself and order the parts over the net where the Golf I can't and the nearest VW dealer is 130 miles from me.
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