[Vwdiesel] Diesel vs hybrid battle heats up

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Wed Dec 3 10:00:26 PST 2008

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eriklane at gmail.com writes:

> Just getting in the car and driving it off the lot loses thousands in
> depreciation, as it's now a 'used' car, not 'new.'

  Have you looked at the prices of a B4 Passat TDI wagon?  Or the 
B5 too.  Seattle Craigslist has some outfit that's always selling a 
B4 TDI or two and the wagons are usually in the $11K to $14K 
range.  Sure $10 or more less than new but it's a 12-13 year old 
car with 150K miles!
  Dad was called by the dealer he bought his 
from (used) something like 3 or 4 years later.  They offered to 
buy it back at the same price he paid for it!  He didn't get any 
major steal on it either.  (Good deal but not huge.  It happened 
to be just what he wanted.)  That's what you call holding value!  :-)

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