[Vwdiesel] Thanks for the advice

Iain Hunter sagspottery at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Dec 3 15:11:48 PST 2008

Yeah, I'm thinking a rebuild is the way to go. It's for piece of mind rather than anything else. It may just be the cold start seal, but then the pump is nearly 24 years old and I just want it reliable again.


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    Sorry, I lost track of the middle of this dilemma!  ;-)
     I believe your pump started leaking at the cold start advance shaft?  
  I had the same thing happen on the pickup.  I was able to order the 
  seals (one for the shaft, one for the cover) from a Bosch rebuilder.  It 
  was just a couple bucks.  Not hard to replace once the pump's off.  
  It worked but the only problem is that a few months later the pump 
  body-fuel distributor seal started leaking. Some Type F ATF fixed 
  that, so the throttle shaft started leaking...  I gave up and had it 
  re-sealed which is the same as a rebuild minus the parts, thus a 
  complete rebuild.

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