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Fri Dec 5 21:11:16 PST 2008

In a message dated 12/5/2008 8:08:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
lug1970 at yahoo.com writes:

> I am pretty sure that the iq is not quite right because of the decrease in 
> fuel milage around town, but on the plus side I will get up to temp by the 
> time I have travelled the 10 miles across town most mornings.  I am of the 
> opinion right now that the iq was set really low and there wasn't that much heat 
> being produced, especially at temps lower then 20.

  If you're not short on power then even if the fuel quantity is set 
low, it's not your issue.  Setting the fuel screw to a lesser quantity 
(lean is irrelevant on a diesel for the most part) is for the most part 
no different than not flooring it, putting a block under the pedal, 
having too much slack in your throttle cable.  Other than idle, you 
simply get less maximum fuel.  Sure it's less all along but it's simply 
a sliding scale.  You get a range of say 2 to 8.  Turn up the screw 
and your range goes from 3 to 9 until you turn down the idle screw 
and you might get 2 back.  Often you only get to 2.5 if you've gone 
for way more power.  Turn the screw out and the range drops from 
1 to 7.  Turn up your idle and you now have 2 to 7.  Not going 
to cause you to not get heat out of the car by itself.  
  Cold weather has a HUGE effect on operating temps of these 
engines.  Remember, I found out the other week that simply 
TOWING at 20mph in 2nd gear caused the pickup to put out 
close to the same heat as running it!  That cold air really cools 
things down!
  The cold air and lack of operating temp can noticeably kill the mpg 
too.  We've already seen a drop of 2 mpg in Dad's Passat, presumably 
from the ambient air temp because it runs at operating temp fairly 

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