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Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Sat Dec 6 04:20:14 PST 2008

Over the years I've noticed major differences during cold weather and 
heat output. Most noticeable on my old '86 Golf of course that one ha a 
head gasket issue and had oil all through the cooling system but it 
never overheated { it did apparently with the previous owner} Cardboard 
in the grill worked very well to help my partially clogged heater core. 
My rabbit seemed to like about 80% of the radiator covered once the 
temps stayed down past about 35 degrees. I'm not sure about the jetta 
yet, I haven't cardboarded the rad yet. I did find it started fairly 
easy in very cold weather last night though. It was a balmy 13 out and 
it started right up for the most part. It did take about another mile 
before I got decent heat compared to when it's just a bit warmer out.
On Dec 6, 2008, at 12:11 AM, LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 12/5/2008 8:08:00 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> lug1970 at yahoo.com writes:
>> I am pretty sure that the iq is not quite right because of the 
>> decrease in
>> fuel milage around town, but on the plus side I will get up to temp 
>> by the
>> time I have travelled the 10 miles across town most mornings.  I am 
>> of the
>> opinion right now that the iq was set really low and there wasn't 
>> that much heat
>> being produced, especially at temps lower then 20.
>   If you're not short on power then even if the fuel quantity is set
> low, it's not your issue.  Setting the fuel screw to a lesser quantity
> (lean is irrelevant on a diesel for the most part) is for the most part
> no different than not flooring it, putting a block under the pedal,
> having too much slack in your throttle cable.  Other than idle, you
> simply get less maximum fuel.  Sure it's less all along but it's simply
> a sliding scale.  You get a range of say 2 to 8.  Turn up the screw
> and your range goes from 3 to 9 until you turn down the idle screw
> and you might get 2 back.  Often you only get to 2.5 if you've gone
> for way more power.  Turn the screw out and the range drops from
> 1 to 7.  Turn up your idle and you now have 2 to 7.  Not going
> to cause you to not get heat out of the car by itself.
>   Cold weather has a HUGE effect on operating temps of these
> engines.  Remember, I found out the other week that simply
> TOWING at 20mph in 2nd gear caused the pickup to put out
> close to the same heat as running it!  That cold air really cools
> things down!
>   The cold air and lack of operating temp can noticeably kill the mpg
> too.  We've already seen a drop of 2 mpg in Dad's Passat, presumably
> from the ambient air temp because it runs at operating temp fairly
> well.
>     Loren
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