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> I rapped the heater boxes &tubes from the heater box to the car body with 
> asbestos(legal back then)  bought in a hardware store, securing it in place 
> with wire.

  I did something similar with my 914.  I didn't add any insulation 
other than carpet padding most everywhere inside other than the 
roof.  I put it under the carpet, the seats, behind the door panels,
etc.  Shut the doors and it sounded like a new car!  :-)  The 914 
has about 3x or more heat exchanger than a bug and 1/3 the 
cabin area.  I cleaned up the oil off and out of the heat exchangers.
I was lucky and it came with SS exchangers which are tight compared 
to old steel ones.  I worked all the flappers from the cooling fan, 
tweaked the connections, tubes, etc and cleaned it all up for the 
best air flow as well as setting the air valves for maximum opening. 
The hoses are really short so they were easy to seal up.  It was 
better but not until I put a second electric fan to it (one for each 
side instead of the dual outlet arrangement) did I get toasty air out 
of the vents.  If it got COLD though, around 0F give or take, it 
still wasn't comfortable inside, unless you call being able to take 
off your tuk and gloves after 10 miles instead of 30, comfort!  ;-D
  As a friend put it, if you want a Beetle to be warm, build a fire.  
If you want a Type II to be warm, hand a plastic behind the front 
seats, work the heating system over well, and build TWO fires, one 
for the front and one for the back!  ;-D

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