[Vwdiesel] low rad temp

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Sun Dec 7 16:27:47 PST 2008

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jhsg at sasktel.net writes:

> A heater core clean never hurts, I use a saturated soln of citric acid 
> and soak overnight, then flush.
> Only trouble with some of the US made thermostats, they have too big a 
> bleed hole, like you need for a SB chev, not mostly sealed like you need 
> in a VW.

  Can't say it's just VW with bad heaters.  Actually compared to 
my '66 Mustang, they're wonderful!  I panned and rodded the 
heater core on my Mustang and although it helped to chase out 
all the passages and get that wad of crud out of the way, it 
still was dismal.  If I drove it regularly I'd seriously put a second 
heater core somewhere like in the old Jeeps, under the seat or 
  Interesting that all the US stats I've looked at or tried had about 
1/3 the opening that the OEM (Wahler for one) stats had.  Too 
small an opening and a hill on a 100F day is an easy way to blow 
a head gasket on a 1.5/1.6.
  I've used flapper controlled and valve controlled heat in a few 
cars.  I like the immediate response of a flapper control and have 
no problem with it as long as it doesn't use foam seals.  In <10 
years the foam deteriorates and you no longer have full control 
over either end of the spectrum.  Then there's my 4KQ where the 
valve has slightly more throw than the control lever so you have 
to adjust the cable twice a year for full on but not quite off or 
full off and not quite on.  Of course right after you adjust it the 
temp changes and you're out readjusting it again!

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