[Vwdiesel] do I need cold start

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    I haven't used one for a couple of years in my 1981 Dasher 1.6 N/A .
Your car should start just as well without the cold start valve. It will not
idle as smoothly untill it warms up. It should be easy to replace the wire
that is inside the sheath with most any choke cable you buy at a parts
store. Fishing a whole new cold start wire and sheath takes a little
fiddling but is relatively easy also. My pump on the Dasher started leaking
around the cold start shaft. I pulled the cold start shaft and cover off and
replaced it with a solid cover from the other side of a dead pump. I now use
the cold start cable with  a 4 inch length of ball chain hooked to the main
throttle linkage to the pump. It is like the throttle cable on an old time
car. I use it to set up my idle rpm when desired.
Brian Decker
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> I broke cabe to cold start. I wonder if it is necessary to use cold start.
Could I do without Please advise.
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