[Vwdiesel] 1.6td

peter blake pila47 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 11 11:39:56 PST 2008

  I have a 1.6td for sale. I bought it w the idea that I would rebuild
it and put it in my 80 pickup. The 1.6na in there now runs so good that
I've decided to lighten my load and let someone else play w the td
since it doesn't look like I'll ever get to it. 
 The po didn't have a lot of info to share like specific year or 
vehicle so I don't have answers to those type of questions. What I do
know is that all the parts seem to be present and the head is off.
What it looks like to me is that someone did a rebuild and 1)the rings
didn't seat as the bores seem glazed and w/out a discernible ridge at
the top of the bore. And 2)the head gasket failed. The head itself appears
to be in good shape visually tho I did not check it for straightness. It
has the usual small cracks between the valves. The turbo has no play and
turns easily by my finger and seems to me to be either new or rebuilt.
The engine is a true td and has the oil squirters for the pistons. The
engine is in Los Angeles and a buyer would have to arrange shipping.
I have an idea of how much I think this engine is worth but I would
prefer to hear an offer fm anyone who might be interested.


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