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I am not sure if I responded to you here, since the issue of 924/944 swaps comes up on a lot of forums.

The only engine that really makes sense is the 2.5 litre inline 5 (TD or much better TDI - or M-TDI if you need to keep it simple).

The reason is that it bolts up to the 944 bellhousing.  Several 2.2/2.3/2.6 Audi gassers have found their way into 924/944 cars, but not diesels of which I am aware.  The issue is that at least on the TDI, there is a large flywheel/damper weight on the backside of the engine on the fuel pump drive.  I have heard that it will run into the firewall. All of the littel 4 bangers have the VW transverse bolt pattern and don't fit without a non-existant adapter plate.

I have a 924 M471 and an Audi 2.0 TD specificaly to do this swap, just not its turn in the shop yet.  A 2.5 M-TDI Vanagon Syncro is using the time and space right now.


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From: Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at gmail.com>
Date: Saturday, December 13, 2008 5:10 pm
Subject: [Vwdiesel] Porsche 944 TDI

> I wrote a month or so ago and asked if any of you were aware of 
> any Porsche
> 944 TDI conversions.   I heard back from a few of you.  Thanks for 
> yourresponses and ideas.   Apparently, several folks have 
> considered it, but
> we've not found anyone who's actually done it, so we decided to 
> more forward
> and perform due diligence.  We've purchased manuals for the TDI 
> and for the
> 944 and are trying to get sense of what may be necessary.   I also 
> took on
> the task of researching TDI's (mostly by reading TDI forums and 
> particularlythose on Fred's).  I wanted to share some of my 
> thoughts, mainly to
> determine if we're on the right track.
> 1.9 ALH TDI
> ALH engines used in mid-1999 through 2003 Golf and Jetta TDI and 
> 1998-2003
> New Beetle TDI.  The issue with these engines is Manifold Carbon 
> and Soot.
> The carbon has to be cleaned out and it's not an easy task.  Once 
> that'sdone. the problem can apparently be
> eliminated with http://www.dieselgeek.com/servlet/Detail?no=299  and
> http://www.dieselgeek.com/servlet/Detail?no=413.  We should also
> consider bypass kit:  http://www.dieselgeek.com/servlet/Detail?no=462.
> 1.9 TDI – Pump Duse
> http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=225918
> The PD has oiling and cam failure problems.  The engine used 
> skinny cam
> lobes to make room for the injector rocker lobes and it's a weak 
> design. Some of the posters indicated that the aftermarket should 
> have reasonably
> priced parts available to fix this issue and the job
> is fairly easy so labor costs will be low.   One mechanic indicated:
> "There will be significant circulating metal left in the engine, 
> despite the
> best of efforts to clean things. Steps I took were removal of oil 
> from low
> lying areas of the head, oil cooler replacement, and oil pan cleaning.
> Passages in the block and crankshaft are bound to have metal in 
> them, so I
> again urge owners of these cars to install the Dieselgeek By-Pass 
> filtereither as a preventative measure or to clean things up 
> afterward."
> There can also be problems with this engine from not using the VW 
> 505.01spec with the high wear additive.
> Passat 2.0 litre BHW TDI
> Some of the Passat engines have had balance shaft chain drive failures
> around 100k miles, and since the balance shaft module drives the 
> oil pump
> this is generally not a good thing. VW has just issued a TSB to 
> convert the
> chain drive a newer gear drive system, but it is not a recall and 
> is done on
> the owner's dime (around 30,000 dimes)  If the engine makes a  
> "can full of
> marbles" sound from the crankshaft pulley area one should steer 
> clear.  The
> other item - if the oil used has not the VW 505.01 spec with the 
> high wear
> additive,  the cam and followers could be worn out by 100k or so.
> General Thoughts
> It would appear to me that the 1.9 ALH TDI (2003 and before) may 
> be the best
> bet.   Additionally, from a fuel perspective, they may be more 
> friendlytowards BioD.  What do you guys think?
> Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom!
> Greg J
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