[Vwdiesel] o-ring ID

mikel mikel at buncombe.main.nc.us
Mon Dec 15 04:52:38 PST 2008

I took an o-ring to the local hydraulic hose place and they matched it
to one that has the numbers H70142, which is for a BUNA-N o-ring.  If I
understand this correctly, the  '70' part ID's the durometer of the
o-ring, and the '142' specifies the size of the cross-section of the
material as well as the diameter of the circle that it makes. 

This is the o-ring that seals the distributor-head to pump-body on the
VE pumps - can anyone confirm that this is indeed *the* o-ring, or that
it is an o-ring that is 'close enough to work'?


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