[Vwdiesel] overheat - blowing hot air out the overflow hose

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Mon Dec 15 20:32:20 PST 2008

94 Jetta 1.6TD (gas-diesel conversion) - It's overheated a few times,
most notoriously last summer when a coolant fitting broke and all the
coolant spilled out on the highway.  The last month or two it's been
burning coolant (disappearing with no real leaks under the car.)  This
has led to low coolant and more overheating two times.  The second was

I nursed it home by filling the reservoir every mile or so with water
(10 miles home, and it's +15F out.)

I pulled the little overflow hose, and it's blowing hot steam, no
coolant at all.

I'm assuming it's in need of a head gasket..  Hopefully that's all.

I've got to drain some water and add some coolant so I don't freeze and
crack the block.  Heck, I think I'll just drive another mile and boil
out some more water!

Anyway, just looking for ideas and support. I don't have a heated
garage, but I do have an extra vehicle..  Hmmm....

Will in Alaska.

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